Two-Day Business and Communications Workshop

This oft-implemented format teaches the foundations of improvisation and applies them to the participants’ business and personal lives over two days.  Day one to introduces participants to improvisation.  They will learn the power of Yes, active listening, and team mind.  Then they will solidify the foundations by applying them to scenarios in business and daily life.  Other outcomes include engaging people with a powerful point-of-view, team brainstorming and support, branding and accountability.  All in a fun and lively context.  Day two will be culminate in exercises and games that embrace all of the foundations learned on the previous day, preparing them for success moving forward.

Throughout this two-day workshop, participants will learn how to

  • Tap into genuine enthusiasm and passion in their jobs
  • Universally engage a wide variety of personalities
  • Actively listen to others
  • Let go of preconceived agendas
  • Contribute equally as team members
  • Value the strengths of every member on a team
  • Collaborate to create strong messaging and branding
  • Offer succinct, valuable feedback
  • Discover positivity and value in perceived negative situations
  • Sharpen intuition and empathy skills for greater communication
  • Turn blame and finger pointing into productive accountability
  • Encourage and support each other through humor
  • Communicate strong points of view for engaging presentations
  • Productively respond to challenging clients, colleagues and customers
  • Innovate creative solutions
  • Brainstorm without censorship
  • Adapt in the moment

Time: 8 hours (2 four-hour days)

Attendees: Up to 18 per facilitator

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