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by Andy Araujo

Thoughts from Andy Araujo:

Robin WilliamsI am very fortunate to perform in improv shows. It is an opportunity to entertain people and spread joy. Hopefully, I accomplish that more often than not. I take classes with the hope of getting better. I discuss the art of improv with my wonderful wife Tracy, with my fellow troupe mates, with our director, and with our musical director. And just like everyone else, I want to leave a performance knowing that the audience really enjoyed themselves.

There are many ways in which I measure whether I am satisfied with my performance. Let me list a few.

I want to be creative and humorous by just “letting go” . . . like Robin Williams.

I want to be able to deliver witty lines that are perfect in that moment . . . like Robin Williams.

I want to perform with an energy that, just by itself, makes the entire performance more exhilarating . . . like Robin Williams.

I want to end a performance knowing everyone is happy and really, truly enjoyed themselves . . . like Robin Williams.

I don’t necessarily aspire to be just like Robin Williams. That would be like aspiring to fly by flapping my arms really fast – it just ain’t happening. Needless to say, as a performer who gave me so much joy in my lifetime, I will always be grateful to Robin Williams for those hours of joy. But I will also be forever grateful for the lessons he taught me on how to perform, lessons I had no idea were being handed down to me.

Thank you, Mr. Williams.

About AndyAraujo
Andy has been a performer with the Held2gether troupe for 5 years. He has a beautiful wife and 4 rambunctious cats.

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