Pitch and Presentation

Do you feel enhancing your presentation and public speaking skills can change  the way you engage others? This hands-on workshop will equip participants with the tools to create powerful, engaging individual and collaborative presentations.  Learn how developing skills in improvisation can deliver your message with confidence.  Your audience is a partner, and as such you need to adapt fluidly to its’ ever changing needs.  By the end of this workshop, you’ll welcome challenges from clients, consumers and spectators.  You’ll be eager to adapt and customize changes to make each pitch and presentation unique. Participants will learn to

  • Live presently with your audience without scripts or technology
  • Match your body language to your message with confidence
  • Engage clients, colleagues and consumers in a variety of ways
  • Intuit your audience and adapt in the moment
  • Create compelling stories
  • Incorporate humor into successful pitches and presentations
  • Incorporate storytelling techniques for structuring presentations and pitches

Time: 4 hours

Attendees: Up to 16 per facilitator

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