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by Darren Held

I know some of you assume I exaggerate for effect, but I’m not exaggerating when I say I would love it if I could do improv every single day. You know, with people who are doing improv with me, as opposed to subjecting those around me to improv when they think we’re having dinner or attending a funeral or standing in line at Trader Joe’s.

Sometimes I feel sorry for Darren because he loves improv at least as much as I do, and he’s surrounded by it all the time – he teaches and/or directs 4 or 5 days a week on average – but he rarely gets to do improv. Partly that’s his own fault. We would love it if he’d perform with us more often, but he typically only plays at out-of-the-ordinary shows, like the one we did back in May with the Magic Meathands. He occasionally performs with other troupes we’re friends with. But for the most part, he helps other people do improv.

That’s super nice of him, so I just wanted to say thanks to him. And to you peeps, I just want to say, we are incredibly lucky to have Held2gether improv classes right here in Long Beach. There’s no reason to travel to LA for improv, unless you just happen to like the 101 a lot. Personally, I’m not that fond of it, but who am I to judge?

The next batch of classes starts in a few weeks – they’ve been filling fast, so register early!

By Sonnjea Blackwell

Darren Held
About Darren Held
Darren is the CEO and Creative Director of Held2gether, Improv for LIfe. He has been teaching and performing improv for 15 years, and has performed with H2g, the Groundlings, UCB and Second City. He loves Moto, red wine, and Madonna.

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