The Personal Business Connection

Communication is the key to any profitable relationship. We find the most successful business people are often the greatest communicators.   At Held2gether we utilize the key foundations of improv – Accept, Contribute, Commit! –  to empower strong, positive, and creative communication for members at every level of a business team.  Improvisation provides the fundamental communication tools that apply universally with clients, colleagues and even personal relationships.

Today’s leaders need to be able to listen thoughtfully, think on their feet, create and innovate quickly, communicate confidently, and collaborate powerfully.   Held2gether Corporate & Group Workshops are customized to assist you in discovering the full potential of your team both internally as a group, and with clients and customers on the outside.

Experiential Learning

The same skills that go into being a successful improviser are equally important in the business world.  While lectures and books can provide powerful insight, studies show that people learn most when they experience it themselves.  Our workshops are hands-on and our participants feel the positive changes immediately.  Teams learn to embrace the unknown, and make creative choices, all under the guise of having fun!

Customized For Immediate Results

Together, we help identify your group’s unique needs, then create a customized curriculum designed specifically to help all levels of your organization.  The skills the participants gain can be applied immediately in a variety of situations with colleagues and clients.   From community groups to large corporations, our workshops have empowered participants to positively leverage all resources available to them, sharpen their intuition skills and act decisively in the moment.  Take a look at some of our satisfied clients here.