Two-Hour Teambuilding Workshop

This fun, high-energy workshop explores the powerful improv foundations of agreement, contribution and commitment.  Discover how these tools can create synergy in a group, unleash powerful brainstorming, and release judgment by embracing assets.



Half-Day Collaboration and Communication Workshop

In this workshop we’ll fuse the improv tools of acceptance and contribution into key business practices.  When applied to business, improvisation creates effective collaboration, stronger teamwork and creative brainstorming and problem solving.  Participants will learn how to utilize improvisation to create innovative solutions, listen actively to coworkers, maintain positivity using improvisation to overcome conflict, and discover the value in challenging situations.



Two-Day Business and Communications Workshop

This oft-implemented format teaches the foundations of improvisation and applies them to the participants’ business and personal lives over two days.  Day one to introduces participants to improvisation.  They will learn the power of Yes, active listening, and team mind.  Then they will solidify the foundations by applying them to scenarios in business and daily life.  Other outcomes include engaging people with a powerful point-of-view, team brainstorming and support, branding and accountability.  All in a fun and lively context.  Day two will be culminate in exercises and games that embrace all of the foundations learned on the previous day, preparing them for success moving forward.


Pitch and Presentation

Do you feel enhancing your presentation and public speaking skills can change   the way you engage others? This hands-on workshop will equip participants with the tools to create powerful, engaging individual and collaborative presentations.  Learn how developing skills in improvisation can deliver your message with confidence.  Your audience is a partner, and as such you need to adapt fluidly to its’ ever changing needs.  By the end of this workshop, you’ll welcome challenges from clients, consumers and spectators.  You’ll be eager to adapt and customize changes to make each pitch and presentation unique.



Interactive Conference Workshop

In this workshop, participants will form groups of 8-10 people.  The facilitator will discuss how improv strengthens collaboration, communication, creativity and flexibility in the workplace.  These are the traits most desired in the workplace, according to survey of 1700 global CEOs.   Participants will experience the learn the three basic foundations of improv and how to implement them to drive key business results.



Custom Workshops

See something you like? Want to utilize some elements and create new ones for your organization’s own special needs? All of Held2gether’s workshops are customizable.  Just tell us your goals, time and budget and we’ll take care of the rest.

Contact me to discuss a Custom Improv Workshop