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by Scott Saegesser

TwinkleVeryShortTinyWhen Darren first suggested that I should try my hand (or hands, although it sometimes sounds like I use my feet) at playing the piano for some musical improv scenes, I was just plain terrified. Several things were in play in my mind. First off, I didn’t know the first thing about improvising on the piano. I have played the piano for years, but that means music in front of me and practicing. Secondly, I only had a passing understanding of improv itself. My background and training is in musical theatre. I’m used to a script, a score and lots of rehearsal. Oh, and also, I really don’t like playing the piano in public!

So I had some hurdles to leap over and hoops to jump through. I started putting my years of piano lessons and music theory to good use by learning how to improvise, compose and structure a song on the spot. That is something I am still learning, for there are innumerable possibilities. Forget about practicing until you get it right! The next thing I needed to do was learn more about the world of improv. So a crash course was set into motion. Darren and I took a musical improv class taught by a teacher from Groundlings. I loved her approach, and the fact that she was very encouraging of everyone in class, even me. All of the other students were Groundlings-educated and I was not. I had my years of acting, music and vocal experience, but I learned that those were completely useless in this class. But I persevered and learned a lot in an expedited manner (mostly just to survive). But as much as I was learning about doing musical improv, I was also learning about accompanying musical improv from the class pianist. Like most people, it was a terrifying process for me, but in the end I loved it! And my old brain was forced to use old and new information to master a new skill.

Nowadays, the biggest use of my acting experience is sitting behind the keyboard and pretending that I’m not scared of what may happen next. And that, my friends, is what learning improv is all about. It’s all about learning to not be scared of what’s going to happen next. If your mind is open and you’re listening, you learn, and you find that fear is not helpful or necessary. That is also what improv has to teach us about life. Try something new. Take a risk. Implement the rules. Listen and learn. You never know where life is going to lead you, so follow.

While I understand this lesson, I will admit that I am still usually really nervous during shows. I am terrified that I will do something that just plain sounds bad; or worse, trips up the performers. But that’s what it’s all about; working together and creating magic. There are some wrong notes along the way, but if you’re not going to let me practice, then that’s going to happen. But I always look forward to playing with the troupe members because they are so creative and funny that it makes my job look easy. If there’s one thing I have learned about life, it’s that a little music makes everything better!


Scott Saegesser
About Scott Saegesser
Scott is a musician, singer and personal trainer. He often combines these talents to motivate people. He's a the resident musical director for Held2gether.

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