By Darren Held

Forty Isn’t Elderly, People!

By Sonnjea Blackwell

Wow, it’s a gorgeous day in the LBC. The boss is off filming for 3 Square this weekend (I’ll be helping out tomorrow), we don’t have an Intro to Improv Comedy Class today (it starts next Saturday), and there are no Held2gether improv shows this weekend (next Friday night is Confessions of a Soccer Mom at Elise’s Tea Room for First Fridays Bixby Knolls).

So what’s a girl to do on a lovely spring day with NOOOOOO improv on the agenda? Well, I could work in my yard, or do some of that other work I do that I get paid for, or nap all day. All decent options, actually.

But instead, I’ll tell you a couple of short tales. Cuz, you know, that’s just how I roll. First, yesterday Darren and I had a nice lunch meeting with a nice man from a nice charity we’ll be doing a benefit show or two for (more details when they’re firmer). But the point of the story isn’t that we’re doing something nice for a worthy charity. No, the point is the nice man said he was excited to have us bring our younger dynamic to their event, because most of their people are “middle age – you know, in their 40s,” so it would be nice to have us because we’re younger. We should’ve used our improv skills and just said, “Yes, and we love to work with elderly folks like 40-year-olds.” But, as those of you who know us are already aware, we are vain. So we told the nice man our actual ages so we could hear him exclaim, “Oh, my goodness! Wow, I never would’ve guessed! You look MUCH younger.”

Oh, what? Like you wouldn’t do the same! Sheesh. At least I didn’t make him feel my abs.

Second, I just want to point out that the Level 2 class is full-o-rooni. I just made that word up right now, FYI. Anyway. The Intro classes are filling fast, too. The Saturday class starts one week from today, May 7th. The Tuesday class starts Tuesday, May 10th. There are only a few spaces in each class left, so don’t dilly-dally. Register at the Held2gether website! And if you do, maybe I’ll let you feel my abs.

By Darren Held

Don’t Shoot!

By Sonnjea Blackwell

Today I’m going to put up posters and flyers around Bixby Knolls and Cal Heights, advertising Held2gether improv classes and shows in Long Beach. I did a few yesterday, but I didn’t have time to do all of them because I have other jobs that actually pay me in U.S. currency rather than unicorns and every so often I have to do work for them. Weird.

Anyway. Sometimes I psych myself out about the flyer thing because it entails going into businesses (most of which I don’t frequent as a customer) and asking the owners if I can use their windows for my own advertising purposes. In my head, this is an enormous imposition and I’m fortunate the people don’t shoot me on the spot.

Yes, okay, there are a few things in my head that defy explanation. In my defense, all of my jobs – paying and otherwise – depend on my imagination. Fortunately, it’s quite vivid. Unfortunately, sometimes it runs amok.

In reality, of course, the worst thing that can happen is someone might say, “No, you can’t put your awesome Confessions of a Soccer Mom poster in our window.” And even that almost never happens.

What usually happens is people tell me how terrific the poster is. They ask about improv. We talk about how incredible First Fridays has gotten to be. Because people are generally nice, if you give them a chance. And even more than that, people enjoy being helpful. It makes them feel useful and important and it gives them a chance to do something nice for someone.

Which is where you come in. I hate to impose, but I was wondering if you would mind very much “Liking” the Held2gether Facebook page? Thanks! I know most of you have liked it already, so thank you, too.

And thank you for not shooting me. Really.

By Darren Held

How Did We Meet, Again?

By Sonnjea Blackwell

After getting a whopping 13 minutes of restful sleep last night (thanks, Natraj chai), it’s iffy as to whether I’m going to be able to brush my teeth correctly, let alone think clearly enough to write a coherent blog post.

So instead of babbling idiotically, I was hoping you all could help me by answering a question. In keeping with Held2gether’s theme of “improv for life” and focusing our classes and workshops towards regular people rather than the actor-y type of classes found in Hollyweird, we have always eschewed paid advertising and big marketing campaigns in favor of the guerilla method of getting the word out.

I said guerilla, not gorilla. Nobody in an ape costume is wandering the streets of Long Beach passing out flyers about improv comedy classes.

We do the Facebook thing, and the Twitter thing, and the YouTube thing. We post shows and classes on Craigs List and 562CityLife and LimelightLB and OC Back Page and EBay. We paste flyers up at our local coffee houses. We have a Yelp! page. We’re listed in the LB Parks & Rec catalog.

Right, I know that wasn’t a question. Sorry, I’ve been trained very well in NOT asking questions. How you could help me is by telling me how you first heard about H2G. Here’s a little poll thingy to make answering easier (please scroll down and hit “submit” when you are finished). Thanks so much!

Online Surveys

By Darren Held

By Sonnjea Blackwell

Okay, I have some questions today. Sorry for the inconvenience, but it occurs to me that the people who read this blog are among the most intelligent people in the universe, and I could learn some stuff from y’all.

It stands to reason that if you’re reading this blog, you probably like improv comedy. Hopefully, you even like Held2gether improv comedy! And you read a blog, which means you do computer-y stuff. So my first question is, do you do the Facebook thing? And if so, have you liked us there yet?

By Darren Held

Improv Rules for Insomniacs

By Sonnjea Blackwell

Caffeine + too much sugar = Sonnjea up in the middle of the night, thinking about improv. Holy crap, Andy’s right; I do have a problem!

I won’t bore you with my issues, though. No reason for all of us to be disturbed.

Anyhoo. My thoughts were running along the lines of, “Should I add on to my tattoo?” And then I thought to myself, “Make it a statement.” So I thought, “I should add on to my tattoo!” And then I thought, “Yes, and I think I’d like to color in the petals a cheery orange color.” And then I thought, “What that means is I need to save up some money so I can afford to get it colored in.” And finally, I thought, “What that means is I need to get some more freelance work.”

Yeah, I definitely have a problem.

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