By Darren Held

Special Group Workshop Offer!

For a limited time, H2G is offering a 2-hour group or corporate workshop for up to 10 people for only $150! The regular price is $350, so that’s, like, a large percentage off.

If you want to improve communication skills among your colleagues or boost morale or maybe reward your employees for behaving at the annual holiday party for a change, an improv workshop could be just the thing! With games and exercises that focus on listening, communication and agreement, people learn important stuff without even realizing it because they’re laughing so hard.

Call by January 31 to schedule your large-percentage-off group workshop!

By Darren Held

Improv and Alzheimer’s

Improv isn’t just fun and games, you know.

Well, okay, it is. That’s the whole point. But improv teaches skills that can help out in the “real world” as well, as evidenced by this NY Times article about improv and Alzheimer’s.

It’s an interesting article, and it’s easy to see how using improv tools – which are all about being in the present – can help people who are trapped in the past. It would be fascinating to do a study to determine if doing improv before you suffer memory loss could prevent or minimize it.

I guess I should’ve started sooner… where are those darn keys?

By Darren Held

First Day of School!

In case it escaped your notice, it’s a whole new year! So we thought we’d celebrate by offering up a passel of new Held2gether classes starting this week. Cuz, you know, that’s just how we roll.

Of course, the original Tuesday night Intro class at El Dorado Park is still happening – tonight at 7:15, as a matter of fact. But that class is full. With a waiting list. Which is awesome, but sad if you were one of the people who didn’t get in. So to accommodate the growing demand, we’ve added a second Intro to Improv Comedy class Saturday mornings at the awesome Catalyst Space in downtown Long Beach. Register at the H2G website. And don’t wait this time, because you know what happens!

Improv Comedy Level 2 starts Thursday night at Rec Park. There are still a couple of spaces left for people who have completed the Intro class or who have some improv experience. You know who you are.

We have shows, corporate workshops and all-new classes in the works, so check back often! And have a happy First Day of School, won’t you?

By Darren Held

H2G & Groupon!

Yesterday, Held2gether was Groupon’s featured deal in Long Beach, and one of several deals offered in the greater Los Angeles area!

For those of you living under rocks or in FBI safe houses, Groupon offers deals on local businesses for a 24-hour period. A certain number of people must buy in for the deal to be “on.” Oh, and the deal is always a killer deal – at least 50% off regular price for whatever goods or services are offered. Groupon has become an important part of my social life with the many restaurant deals offered. But I’m gonna need to stop buying all the wine-related ones or my sponsor is going to have a cow.

Just kidding.

I had a point. Right, Groupon. Not just anyone can have a Groupon, you know. Groupon sifts through review sites such as Yelp!, looking for businesses that meet Groupon’s standards of excellence. Then they contact the business owner and suggest offering a Groupon.

Groupon contacted Held2gether a couple months ago, based on our perfect 5-star Yelp! rating, and after waiting our turn to get to the top of the pile, our offering was featured yesterday. H2G’s Groupon feature “tipped” at 10:31 a.m. with 20, then went on to sell a total of 68 by the end of the 24-hour period.

If you purchased a Held2gether Groupon, thank you! If you missed out this time, don’t despair – there’s a good chance we’ll play with Groupon again in the future. In the meantime, Held2gether classes and workshops are already incredibly affordable, so why not kick the new year off right and do something new?

By Darren Held


How’s this for exciting… H2G is the featured Groupon in Long Beach today!!  Check out our Groupon offering! If you’ve been waiting to schedule a corporate workshop, or to sign up for a class, don’t wait! Today only, certain classes and workshops are 1/2 off!

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